Nutrition for Type 2 Diabetes

Eating for Optimal Health in Type 2 Diabetes: Myths & Facts  MYTH: Weight loss can reduce the need for type 2 diabetes treatment but only if there is a dramatic change. FACT: Many patients who are overweight or obese develop type 2 diabetes. Often, patients find...

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Nutrition in Type 1 Diabetes

Eating for Optimal Health in Type 1 Diabetes: Myths & Facts MYTH: Meeting with a nutritionist is only helpful when a person is first diagnosed with diabetes. FACT: A nutritionist can be helpful throughout a patient’s life. Newly diagnosed patients might work with...

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Carbohydrate Counting

What are carbs? Carbs—short for carbohydrates—are the sugars, fiber, and starches found in foods. Carbs are broken down by the body and used for energy. Why count carbs? Counting carbohydrates, or sugars, is often one of the first skills someone with type 1 diabetes...

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Natural and Artificial Sweeteners

There are two main types of sweeteners: natural and artificial sweeteners. Natural (nutritive) sweeteners Sugars such as glucose, sucrose, or fructose are found naturally in fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Natural sweeteners are also known as nutritive...

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Poll of the Month

Which celebrity did you NOT know has diabetes?