About Diabetes

Here you will find information on why diabetes happens, different types of diabetes, risk factors for getting diabetes, how diabetes is monitored, and more. The more you know about diabetes, the better you can manage it.

General Information

What happens in the body to cause diabetes and how common is the disease?


Testing & Monitoring

Health care providers monitor blood glucose control in several ways. Learn how blood glucose levels are measured and why it is so important.

Types of Diabetes

Diabetes leads to high blood glucose levels but there are different types of this disease. In this section, you will read about these different types of diabetes and how the treatments may differ.

Specific Groups

Some groups of persons with diabetes may have different treatment goals to manage their disease. Explore these specific groups in this section.

Risk Factors

Many different things put people at risk for diabetes. Find out if you, your family members, or friends are at risk of getting diabetes and possible ways to prevent it.