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November is National Diabetes Month, a time to bring attention to diabetes.

  • We celebrate and thank the Frannie Foundation for their generous support of this website. In 2021, this Diabetes Website was accessed more than 425,000 times. Thanks to our visitors from more than 100 countries around the world!
  • Diabetes Deconstructed Podcast Library Continues to Grow! Podcast episodes feature special guests ranging from patients, advocates, experts, and more.
  • More Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips National Diabetes Month 2021 by Christine McKinney, RD LDN CDE
  • The Beginning of the School Year by Kim Vaughn, CRNP MSN
  • Plus more questions form our readers!

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New! Podcast Series!

Our new podcast series, Diabetes Deconstructed, features special guests ranging from patients, advocates, experts, and more.

  • Conversations focus on practical information aboutdiabetes.
  • Experts in various fields related to diabetes give advice about day-to-day living.
  • Patients share their stories

For our inaugural podcast, in honor of the Frannie Foundation’s namesake, we have an in-depth conversation with her daughter, President and Founder Amy Rohrbaugh. Listen as Amy talks about her mom and her legacy, what it means to her to support the Hopkins Patient Guide to Diabetes, and how impactful a resource like a patient education website has been for so many who live with diabetes every day.

What’s New? an Illustrated Glossary!

Images Are Now Being Added to our Glossary!

Check out New Additions to the Nutrition Blog!

3 New Diabetes Educational Videos featuring Maureen Seel, RDN/LDN CDE

and more!


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