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Comparison of features of different glucose meters

Author: Sudipa Sarkar, MD MSCI


Company Meters A Few Features
Prodigy Meters by Prodigy include Prodigy AutoCode®, Prodigy Pocket®, and Prodigy Voice® The Prodigy Voice® meter includes an audible feature. Alternate site testing (AST) is available. Patients are requested to call Prodigy Customer Care to obtain an AST device.
Company   Meters  A Few Features
Roche Meters by Roche include Accu-Chek Guide, Accu-Chek Aviva, and Accu-Chek Nano. The Accu Chek Guide meter can transmit blood glucose information to a smartphone. AST can be performed using the Accu Chek FastClix lancing device or the Accu Chek SoftClix lancing device and by using a cap that can be obtained by calling Accu-Chek Customer Care.


Company   Meters A Few Features
Abbott Meters by Abbott include FreeStyle Lite, FreeStyle Freedom Lite, and FreeStyle Precision Neo. FreeStyle Lite test strips require a small amount – 0.3 μL – of blood.
Company   Meters A Few Features

LifeScan Inc.




Meters by Life Scan Inc. include OneTouch Verio Flex®, OneTouch UltraMini®, and OneTouch Ultra® 2. The One Touch Verio Flex syncs with compatible wireless devices using the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app.


Company Meters A Few Features




Meters by Bayer include Contour® Next One and Contour® Next EZ.


The Contour® Next One allows for up to 1 minute to re-apply blood to the same test strip.
Company Meters A Few Features



Meters by Walmart include ReliOn Prime, ReliON Premier BLU, and ReliOn Premier Compact. Test strips for ReliOn Prime are relatively low cost– a 50 count box of test strips costs under $10.


Company Meters A Few Features



Meters by Trividia include TrueMetrix, TrueMetrix® Air, and TrueMetrix® Go.


The TrueMetrix meter allows for event tagging, for example: before or after meal, exercise, or sick.


Company   Meters A Few Features

Arkray USA, Inc.


Meters by Arkray USA, Inc include the following: Glucocard Expression, Glucocard Vital, and Glucocard Shine.


The Glucocard Expression has voice functions for features such as Power On/Off and Blood Glucose result value.


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