Living With Diabetes

In this section, you can find everyday information on living with diabetes. Learn about diet, exercise, weight loss, and other ways to stay as healthy as possible.

The Basics

Here you will find information that every person with diabetes should know.



Find out more about obesity and how to reduce your risk.

Develop Good Habits

What foods are best to prevent high glucose? What is carb counting? Is it safe to exercise? How do I lose weight? All of these questions (and more) are answered here.

Special Populations

Some groups of persons with diabetes are managed a bit differently. Here are some ways that these people can manage their diabetes in the safest ways possible

Managing Blood Glucose

Having frequent low or high blood glucose levels? Find out some common reasons why and what you can do to prevent blood glucose fluctuations.

Urgent Situations

What situations need urgent attention and treatment? Find out here.

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