Season 2: 2022 – 2023

EPISODE 14: A Real Patient Story with Joanna

In Episode 14, we welcome Real Patient Joanna and Caitlin Nass. Caitlin Nass is an adult nurse practitioner with the Hopkins Diabetes Center. Her clinical focus is on disease management, education, and health promotion for patients with diabetes. She is passionate about improving diabetes care for patients, so she combines her clinical practice with community education and professional outreach. In addition to patient care, she is active in the education of future nurses, champions quality improvement initiatives, and has participated in clinical research. She has authored articles on cardiac risk assessment, cardiac risk reduction, and chronic kidney disease. She earned both her BSN and MSN at the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing.

EPISODE 13: Taking Your Medications

Welcome to Season 2 of the Diabetes Deconstructed Podcast Series!  For Episode 13, we welcome Alona Crowder, PharmD CDE.  Dr. Crowder is an ambulatory care clinical pharmacy specialist at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD.  She is board certified in pharmacotherapy and is a certified diabetes care and education specialist, as well as a clinical assistant professor at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy.  Dr. Crowder’s areas of expertise include quality improvement interventions to reduce hypertension health disparities, assessing the impact of pharmacists providing telemedicine to improve diabetes management, and evaluating the impact of personal and professional continuous glucose monitoring in patients with diabetes.

Season 1: 2021 – 2022

EPISODE 12: Medications for Type 2 Diabetes

On Episode 12, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Quartuccio to our podcast where he will be speaking to us about Medications for Type 2 Diabetes. Dr. Quartuccio is a medical graduate of Thomas Jefferson University completed his residency at the University of Maryland Medical Center where he was Chief Resident and completed a clinical and research fellowship at Johns Hopkins. Dr. Quartuccio also served as managing editor of the Johns Hopkins Patient Guide to Diabetes website from 2015 to 2017 and is currently an adjunct faculty Member at Johns Hopkins. He’s also a clinical endocrinologist in the Rochester Regional Health System.

EPISODE 11: A Real Patient Story with Joe

On Episode 11, we are excited to welcome real patient Joe and Dr. Tom Donner, an Associate Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins and the Director of the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center.  Today real patient Joe speaks with Dr. Donner and shares some of his experiences living with Type 1 Diabetes, and some of the tips, tricks, and new technology he’s been able to use to help him manage his diabetes.

EPISODE 10: Staying Active with Diabetes

On Episode 10, we welcome Dr. Mark Corriere.  As an endocrinologist and avid distance runner, he discusses the benefits of staying active and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. Dr. Corriere touches on topics such as why exercise is important in diabetes, who should do it, how often, the type of exercise recommended, how to effectively implement an exercise regimen in your daily life, special considerations when playing sports and when patients should consult with their healthcare providers.

EPISODE 9: Coping with Diabetes Part 2: Goal Setting

In Episode 9, we are delighted to welcome back Dr. Marissa Alert, a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, and consultant who is committed to helping people improve their mental health and lifestyle habits. In this episode, Dr. Alert will focus on goal setting for diabetes patients and their families.

EPISODE 8: Coping with Diabetes Part 1: Psychosocial Considerations

In Episode 8, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Marissa Alert, a licensed clinical psychologist, speaker, and consultant who is committed to helping people improve their mental health and lifestyle habits. Dr. Alert specializes in teaching individuals to manage stress, cope with anxiety and depression, lose weight, and overcome barriers to making healthy changes. She is driven to help people move from where they are to where they want to be and to live a life in line with their values. She currently serves as the Director of Clinical Innovation for TAD Health.

EPISODE 7: A Real Patient Story with Alan

In episode 7, Real Patient Alan discusses with Dr. Rita Kalyani, an endocrinologist in the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center, living with diabetes for many years, the lifestyle changes he has had to make, and his new-found appreciation with working with a multidisciplinary team.

EPISODE 6: Foot Care in Diabetes | Part 2: Seeing a Podiatrist

In Episode 6, we are delighted to welcome Dr. Nelson Maniscalco back in this second episode about diabetes and foot care.  Listen as Dr. Maniscalco discusses the importance of seeing a podiatrist as part of normal diabetic care.

EPISODE 5: Foot Care in Diabetes | Part 1: Preventative Foot Care

In this episode we welcome Dr. Nelson Maniscalco to our podcast. Dr. Maniscalco is a Doctor of Podiatric medicine and shares his expertise in this 1st of a 2-part podcast series.


In this episode we welcome Gene Arnold back to our podcast. In our last episode, Gene spoke with one of his patients about Diabetes Self-Management Programs.  Gene is here today to tell us more about these programs.


Episode 3 features Leon, who tells about his experiences as someone who has had diabetes for many years, and about his own diabetes self-management.  Leon speaks with Eugene Arnold, registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and quality coordinator for the Johns Hopkins Diabetes Center’s Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT) Program. 

Episode 2: The ABCs of Diabetes with Dr. Sudipa Sarkar

On today’s podcast, we look into the basics of diabetes with Dr. Sudipa Sarkar, Assistant Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and Director of the Inpatient Diabetes Management Service at Hopkins.

Episode 1: Inaugural Podcast with Amy Rohrbaugh

In honor of the Frannie Foundation’s namesake, we have an in-depth conversation with her daughter, President and Founder Amy Rohrbaugh. Listen as Amy talks about her mom and her legacy, what it means to her to support the Hopkins Patient Guide to Diabetes, and how impactful a resource like a patient education website has been for so many who live with diabetes every day.

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